Community Content

I’ll post community content here! Want yours added? Share it on Phr00t’s Software! There also exists a Steam discussion on 4089 user content.

TO USE: First, find 4089’s installation directory. The easiest way to do that is to run the game in “Windowed” mode (uncheck “Fullscreen” at start) & click “Set Mod Dir” on the main menu. This will pop up 4089’s directory. Unzip or copy mod files into a new folder within the 4089 directory. Then, enter in the name of this new folder into 4089 as the mod directory.

When mod files are copied in, it should look like this:

<4089 directory>/<mod directory>/<mod files>

For example, if you entered in “hcatguns” as the mod directory, the directory structure would look like this:

<4089 directory>/hcatguns/Items
<4089 directory>/hcatguns/Textures
<4089 directory>/hcatguns/…


Zxin Mine’s “Max” textures: [ His Logo ] [ 3079 Throwback ]


hipp0cat’s [ Heavy Rifle, RPG-89 & Assault Rifle ]


Erik Borgnia‘s [ Inverted Start Room ]