Version History

Please see the Steam page for newer announcements. v1.44 is the latest as of this writing, which primarly has VR support updates.


    1. Oculus Rift flickering problem fixed
    2. Fixed a crash on startup with some graphics hardware


    1. Fixed enemies disappearing when pausing the game
    2. Updated to latest jMonkeyEngine build


    1. Fixed an Oculus Rift performance problem, should no longer lock @ 20fps
    2. jMonkeyEngine update


    1. jMonkeyEngine update
    2. Should fix crashes if running directory is not writable (try running as “admin” otherwise)


    1. Improved ambient occlusion shader: faster & looks better!
    2. Fixed a bug that caused weapon damage upgrades to not be saved
    3. Updated to latest jMonkeyEngine libraries
    4. Fullscreen fix on some Linux machine configurations


  1. Fixed a “Room Viewer” bug that caused connections to visually duplicate when reloading the room
  2. Skipped Oculus Rift initialization for 32-bit Linux machines, which avoids a crash


  1. Robots from your selected modification directory will now be included correctly
  2. Added “disable_hover_effect” in Robot text files to remove the yellow hover effect from non-flying robots
  3. Added optional “multishot” variable to weapon item files: allows creation of shotguns. See “Items/slowgun.txt” for a commented example


  1. 3 new awesome weapons derived from [OSA]hipp0cat
  2. 4 new awesome rooms from [OSA]hipp0cat
  3. Tweaked existing weapons (color, minor balancing)
  4. Weapons with alternate-fired projectiles now get upgrade with passive abilities (like Leech)


  1. You’ll now be properly pushed out of closing doors
  2. Lights will now be properly removed if needed during room randomization
  3. Flying projectiles will now be stopped by actively closing doors
  4. Fixed a bug that caused placed walls to sometimes not appear the first time


  1. Hopefully fixed library extraction & crash problems on Mac
  2. Rooms/Includes should now properly be used when a mod directory is set
  3. Room Viewer now should update when files are changed in the set mod directory
  4. Slightly increased the damage output of the “Uber Iris Gun”
  5. Fixed a stack overflow crash associated with the Linux launcher


  1. New game mode: limited lives mode (don’t lose skill points at death, but only 4 lives)
  2. Renamed “Challenge” mode to “Permadeath” mode
  3. Renamed “Adventure” mode to “Normal” mode
  4. Added option to set modification directories, so you don’t need to put all mods into the base directories
  5. Added cover to the grand halls
  6. Enemies shouldn’t spawn near player anymore in open rooms
  7. Performance improvements made by reducing polygon count in some areas
  8. “force_special” weapon variable will be limited to +3
  9. Alt-fire fired weapons will use offset values from alternate item
  10. Overlord subtitles typo fixed


  1. Increased stat point pickups: should help in growing your character & smooth difficulty later in the game
  2. “Deadzone” controller fixes (hopefully should fix XBox360/PS3 controller issues)
  3. Remapped controller keys to more traditional console FPS layouts
  4. Added an option to adjust Field of View
  5. Fixed a bug that caused the Overlord to not spawn after being killed near it
  6. Now you can specify a special power when creating weapons, see “Items/gun.txt” for an example
  7. Fixed a bug that caused lobbed grenades to not be rotated correctly when fired
  8. Hopefully addressed an issue on Macs with library extraction


  1. Fixed many joystick issues (“deadzone” problem, button mapping, movement, constant rotating…)
  2. New room design taken from BARUCK OBUMA on Steam
  3. You can now use the 1, 2 & 3 keys to select weapons
  4. Fixed many Oculus Rift bugs, like the inventory screen being too close & big
  5. Tweaked movement speed of enemies & player
  6. Fixed “beam_alpha” typo in weapon text files
  7. Added more options for the Overlord voice (Text Only, Audio only)
  8. Fixed AI problems picking doors to go through
  9. Other minor performance / reliability tweaks


  1. Look sensitivity option added


  1. Fixed installers to include player constructed turrets & decoys (caused crash otherwise)


  1. Fixed look joystick mappings
  2. Hopefully fixed rare instances of respawning inside walls
  3. Tweaks to Oculus Rift users (GUI etc.)

v1.116 (The “Big Balancing Build”)

  1. Generated ships will be larger & longer
  2. Reduced health penalty from failed hacking attempts
  3. Added message to tell players hacking doors directly is more difficult: find the computer!
  4. Made hacking doors directly easier (but still harder than computer hacking)
  5. Fixed enemy health: now enemies will be harder to kill deeper into the ship
  6. New enemy feature: spawning new enemies on death (new enemy added for this too)
  7. Reduced damage output of the railgun
  8. Increased damage output of the blob gun
  9. 3 more rooms variations added!
  10. Items are now much more spread evenly across the ship
  11. Fixed ambient occlusion bug with muzzle flashes
  12. Fixed floating item translucency problems
  13. Fixed enemies that were not going through doors
  14. Fixed player damage from enemy bombers (reduced damage taken)
  15. Fixed too many enemies spawning in individual rooms
  16. Ship generation happens much faster


  1. Fixed a crash with some joysticks


  1. Fixes to joystick axes automapping

v1.112 (First full release)

  1. Added single-use “auto hacker” item
  2. Added new room
  3. Tweaked some existing rooms to add computers & chargers
  4. Ambient Occlusion is now enabled by default when not using an Oculus Rift
  5. Video settings are now saved
  6. Tweaked room generation to create bigger worlds
  7. Fixed Overlord subtitles when volume is set to 0%
  8. Improved Overlord model (updated trailer with it)
  9. Added a “Stuck? Check for vents!” helper message
  10. Fixed a bug with enemies not despawning in removed rooms


  1. New rooms & room tweaks
  2. Fixed some joystick button mappings
  3. Fixed a crash with 0% volume & Overlord Voice turned on
  4. Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build


  1. Joystick support!
  2. Added new rooms
  3. Updated jMonkeyEngine build to latest (includes some reliability & performance improvements)
  4. Updated the Oculus Rift library to v0.4.4
  5. Removed startup warning & added “Phr00t’s Software” logo


  1. Added subtitles to all Overlord dialog
  2. Fixed a bug with the BMT Micro auto updating tool, should now recognize links better
  3. Tweaks to the “open box” room design
  4. Other minor improvements & fixes

v0.107b (first BETA release):

  1. Story connecting 3079 & 3089 with multiple endings!
  2. Overlord now talks to you (option to turn it off in Sound Settings)
  3. Fixed Oculus Rift crashes on start
  4. Added X/Y/Z axis information when selecting things in the level editor
  5. Other minor improvements & fixes


  1. Now saves your game in Adventure mode to be continued later
  2. Added a stat point penalty when dying in Adventure mode
  3. Added new open room
  4. New end-game boss added (game still continues when he dies, work in progress…)
  5. Fixed some crashes with minimally designed rooms
  6. Capped world generation to a certain length
  7. Other minor performance and stability tweaks


  1. More music by sorath72!
  2. New Plasma Rifle weapon!
  3. Reinstated an old room that mistakenly got removed
  4. UFO enemies now can see in all directions
  5. Made breakable walls get destroyed in fewer hits
  6. Fixed computer rotations in a few rooms
  7. Improved Stealth points to make you more quiet
  8. Sound alone no longer causes “Sneak Attacks” to fail (makes landing sneak attacks easier)
  9. Fixed a bug that caused windows to peer into other rooms incorrectly
  10. Fixed a bug that caused some rooms to have grey walls
  11. Did some weapon balancing

v0.103a: Image Album

  1. New room!
  2. Music by sorath72!
  3. Sound menu options implemented
  4. Y-inversion option implemented
  5. Computer hacking difficulty capped to be solvable even without any added Engineering points
  6. Tweaked hacking failure message
  7. Tweaked room generation to be more efficient
  8. Fixed some bugs with player placement while using a computer
  9. Improved performance by changing when closed vents cause connected rooms to be rendered
  10. Fixed a bug in storing BMT Micro auto-update links
  11. Lowered volume of hacking fail sound


  1. New room designs! I recommend deleting your old Rooms/ before upgrading, since some were cleaned out
  2. New enemy!
  3. Enemies can now be tinted colors (head & body separately)
  4. Fixed a bug with computers & chargers getting rotated incorrectly in include files
  5. Fixed a bug that caused enemies to get damaged from explosions if they had only a small weak point (e.g. Brute)


  1. New weapons: bomber & grenade launcher!
  2. New item types: hold only powerups (Shield, Disguise & Generator)
  3. Added auto-updating tool to full version (enter your BMT Micro download link to use)
  4. Added level viewer to demo version
  5. Did some enemy & weapon balancing

v0.100a: First public alpha release!